An Income Real Estate Limited Partnership Opportunity for Family Office, Pension Fund & High Net Worth Investors

Investment Strategy

A Core Plus Strategy is an approach that encompasses low to moderate risk with the potential for upside appreciation.

Advisory & Governance

Real estate private funds provide one of the best governance structures.

Overview & Risks

Legal title to the property will be held in Trust by a company.

Historical Performance

Find a space that suits you and your work.

About Oakview Capital

Founded in 2010, Oakview Capital Inc. (OCI) is a Canadian private real estate investment firm based in Ottawa with an office in Toronto’s financial district. We have evolved from our modest roots to deliver leading commercial real estate investments for high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Our core value is the preservation of our investing partner’s capital. To thoroughly demonstrate our commitment, we invest our own money alongside that of our investors.

Featured Projects

857-861 Boyd Ave.


Annual ROI Achieved

441 Maclaren Ave.


Annual ROI Achieved

34-36 Bentley Ave.


Annual ROI Achieved

Why would I not hesitate to invest with Ryan Barresi and why do I recommend my friends invest with him too? Because Ryan’s knowledge, experience and track record has been proven to me, and I speak from experience. I have been investing with Ryan for years and I plan to continue to do so for as long as I can.

Carman J.

I understand commercial industrial multi-tenant properties and for 30 years have enjoyed success in income, capital appreciation and debt reduction. But when I need advice, I call Ryan Barresi. Not only does Ryan share my construction, financing and leasing abilities, he excels in his marketplace, has more contacts than I do and, frankly, the overall risk is mitigated considerably in a syndication of many investors. I have invested three times with Ryan and will not hesitate to invest again.

Mike M.

Investment objectives are unique to every individual and situation, and in working with Ryan for nearly more than 10 years, he has consistently delivered what worked well for me. Whether it is his industry experience, vast network of connections, tenacity to bring deals to fruition, or some combination thereof, I am not certain. Regardless as to what Ryan’s recipe is, I continue to look forward to what he will bring me next!

Scott R.

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